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SFU Live is an online social and academic network that fosters engagement for co-operative community relationships, partnerships, projects and initiatives for the purpose of making a positive difference in communities. Connecting one another through issues of common interest, our goal is to find ways to make meaningful, transformative and lasting impacts in our communities.

Communities are diverse, resilient, full of assets and positive energy.

All together we can play a part in harnessing the power of communities to make a positive difference in society by offering a platform to...

Interact to share information and ideas
Enable and increase dialogue
Stimulate learning
Identify solutions to common problems
Generate knowledge
Share resources
Create positive impact.

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Through the SFU Live platform, we can collaborate, create partnerships, and facilitate connections to support a variety of activities that create co-operative community impact.

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Ideas emerge through collaborative process.

Inspire and enable communities to be even better.