SFU Live is an online community engagement portal that showcases SFU’s community engagement commitment. This is a platform for SFU and community members to engage with one another, in relation to SFU, through projects, initiatives, and events creating mutually beneficial interactions and collaborations. SFU Live also offers the community access to SFU people, knowledge, and resources.

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Through the SFU Live platform, we can collaborate, create partnerships and facilitate connections to support a variety of activities that create cooperative community impact.

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Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate, engage, share, collaborate and make new connections through SFU Live. We hope to inspire one another through our interactions to self-organize and bring forward new ideas and processes for taking action on things we care about in our communities.
We want to be the online meeting place for SFU and our communities to altogether engage for co-operative community impact. In this, we believe that it is beneficial to bring together people and their ideas, projects, organization and community circles for positive social change.
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Ideas and content submitted to SFU Live are considered to be public. With SFU Live, you submit your ideas to our online public community in order to collaborate and bring greater life to these ideas for positive social impact. We, of course, recognize everybody who contributes any thought or idea to SFU Live, and will always make every effort to attribute your contribution to you, whenever possible.

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At SFU Live, we believe any issue can be resolved through open discussion and communication. In this case it is likely that (being human) the other party didn’t notice or simply forgot to attribute this to you. Why not start by reaching out to that other individual? You might be surprised to find someone who wants to collaborate with you on this or other ideas to altogether help make this world a better place. If you believe someone has intentionally plagiarized content, please notify us.
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You can delete your SFU Live account by clicking the “Edit Profile” button and then clicking “Delete”. When deleting your account, please note that any comment or idea you have contributed to SFU Live will not be deleted, but will then be attributed to an “anonymous” author.
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