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The field of advanced accelerators, pushed by compelling applications in high energy physics, advanced light sources, imaging sciences, medicine and industry, is making rapid strides. This talk gives an introduction of recent progress in frontier acceleration techniques, based on wakefields, which may be seen as a generalized Cerenkov mechanism.

In recent years, anisotropic electronic phases have been discovered in a variety of strongly correlated quantum materials. Borrowing language from the field of soft condensed matter physics, such phases are referred to as electronic nematic phases when they are driven by electron correlations and break a discrete rotational symmetry of the crystal lattice without further breaking translational symmetry. In this talk I'll outline a new technique that we have developed based on elastoresistance measurements, which probes an associated quantity, the nematic susceptibility.

The 2011 Stanley Cup riots have been described as one of the largest crime sprees in Vancouver: 12 businesses damaged, 122 vehicles damaged or destroyed, 52 assaults, 1035 emergency personnel called to action, estimated financial loss of $3.78 million. 284 accused pleaded guilty, and nine of the 10 who went to trial were convicted.

Wondering why and how to integrate open educational resources (OER) in your classroom? Want to find out more about current OER-related initiatives here at SFU ?

Ever wondered about open data? This session will introduce scholars to finding and/or publishing open data in their research projects. Learn about the advantages of open data; the wheres and hows of repositories; resources to aid your openness; and the vibrant open data community. Of particular interest to graduate students and faculty, this session will enlighten your research practices! All disciplines welcome.


Barrier-free access to research and resources is not just a nice idea: it is a necessity that is being supported with concrete actions by leaders in BC Universities. Open in Action is the theme of this year’s International Open Access Week, October 24-30. The SFU Library invites you to join us in conversation with individuals who are taking concrete actions that advance the concept of Openness in higher education, scholarship, and the community at large . These panelists will talk about initiatives they are involved in, such as those that:

Peter Langer, just back from Iran, was astonished at the rapid change the country has undergone in the last decade, despite the sanctions imposed by numerous governments and the UN Security Council. There is a noticeable change in the attitude of the common people, a brand new modern infrastructure and a host of UNESCO World Heritage Sites throughout the country. Together we will explore ancient archaeological sites, enjoy the beauty of the Persian Garden, explore cities steeped in ancient traditions and visit the Armenian Monastic Ensembles.

Moderator: Mike Shields participated in youth athletics, obtained a Bachelors of Business Administration degree at SFU, backpacked around the world, helped found an independent Canadian political party, earned a Masters degree at the London School of Economics, unsuccessfully applied to any number of doctorate programs and career paths and currently spends (too?) much time golfing.

Admission: Free

Moderator: Will Tesler has a Ph.D. in underwater acoustics and has worked with the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo. He has been organizing the Russian-language café at the Richmond Public Library since 2006. The cafés are extremely well attended, and Tesler says he is pleased that they provide an opportunity for Russian speakers to engage in intellectual discussions on a broad variety of topics.

ModeratorRandall MacKinnon, the SENIORSage for MackINNOVATION, has served in various roles and positions for a diverse range of innovative local, national and international service organizations since 1970. He has extensive volunteer and professional experience in the fields of mental health, innovation and training. As a social entrepreneur, he initiated