Adopting OER: The Why, What, and How of Open Educational Resources

About the Event

Wondering why and how to integrate open educational resources (OER) in your classroom? Want to find out more about current OER-related initiatives here at SFU ?

In this workshop, we will discuss the concepts of Open Education and Open Educational Resources and how they impact quality in education. We'll be looking at how to adopt open textbooks from the BCcampus Open Textbook collection to assign to your class. We will look at issues of quality, pedagogy and impact on students. You will also learn about a variety of OER repositories where you can find open resources to complement your teaching practice and hear from SFU faculty, students and staff currently working on OER-related initiatives.

Facilitator: Rosario Passos - Advisor, Open Education (BCcampus)

Panel participants:

  • Jody Baker (CMNS)
  • Erin Hogg (ARCH)
  • Christine Dyson (SFSS),
  • Hope Power (Library)
  • Craig Scratchley (ENSC),
  • Maria Spiliotopoulou (REM/SCD)
  • Lynda Williams (TLC)


For more information and to register:

Event Date

October 27, 2016 -
10:00am to 12:00pm


SFU Bennett Library, Room 7301
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC

Event Audience