Data Collection

Simon Fraser University is dedicated to respecting the individual privacy of those who utilize SFU LIVE, and therefore will attempt to protect Users’ information against security risks including unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure or disposal. SFU LIVE complies with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the University’s information and privacy policies, and may disclose a User’s activities and personal information as permitted or required by law. Information on SFU LIVE will be collected under the authority of the University Act, and used to assist the University in the operation of SFU LIVE.

The SFU LIVE Privacy standards apply to all Users of SFU LIVE. SFU LIVE collects User information in order to keep all Users safe, and to offer a personalized and engaging experience.

  1. Information we collect from you
  2. The User understands that by signing up with SFU LIVE, the User will be required to provide personally identifiable information including their full name, email address, and date of birth. User ID and uploaded avatars are all treated as information which can and will be collected by SFU LIVE.
  3. Information you choose to share on the SFU LIVE
  4. Information which the User chooses to share while on SFU LIVE is considered public information. This includes discussions occurring within SFU LIVE, uploaded content such as photos, news stories, status updates, or any other information which you choose to post within SFU LIVE. Information pertaining to networks you develop, contacts you add, or conversations you engage in may be collected by SFU LIVE.
  5. Information others share about you
  6. Information that other SFU LIVE Users upload which pertains to you is also considered public information that SFU LIVE may collect. This includes but is not limited to information gathered from uploaded photos, conversations and discussions, messages and conversations between SFU LIVE Users, and group and network information.
  7. Information we receive from your use of services
  8. The User understands that SFU LIVE reserves the right to collect data and information regarding your interaction with SFU LIVE, including its content and any related advertisements.
    1. Device Information: Unless otherwise stated, SFU LIVE will collect device information including
      • Hardware model
      • Operating system
      • Unique device identifiers (e.g. password recovery options)
      • Mobile device network information
    2. Log Information: SFU LIVE logs http and https requests, capturing the following information:
      • Internet Protocol Addresses
      • Internet Domain
      • Browser and operating system
      • Monitor screen resolution
      • Date and time of access to the site
      • Pages visited
      • Backlinks
      • Search queries
  9. Data Use
  10. The information collected by SFU LIVE is used in order to maintain, protect and improve all services provided by SFU LIVE, to develop new services based on the information collected, as well as to protect SFU LIVE Users.
  11. The User understands and agrees that the logging of information by SFU LIVE may be deemed necessary in order to stop or catch offenders who are using SFU LIVE in violation of the User Agreement.


SFU LIVE is a place in which free and open discussion and engagement is encouraged for all Users. At SFU LIVE we are committed to ensuring that Users feel free to publish content on SFU LIVE, as long as that content conforms with the legal requirements of the Canadian Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c.C.-42). Users of SFU LIVE must understand that copyright infringement would likely occur if any SFU LIVE User, without express written consent from the owner of the copyright, did anything to or with that work that the owner of the copyright might legally do themselves (within the meaning of the Canadian Copyright Act). In general, Users must take steps to ensure that they do not sell, rent, distribute, trade, or possess for the purpose of selling, renting, distributing, or trading, any copyrighted works.

As an example, for the purpose of discussion and engagement, Users can feel free to post or embed public news stories, YouTube clips, and other openly published content within SFU LIVE. However, Users would contravene the Canadian Copyright Act if they were to upload and/or distribute within SFU LIVE any film or sound recording of a copyrighted work. In all instances, Administrators and Moderators of SFU LIVE reserve the right to disable and take down content where copyright issues may be a concern. Users should refer to the Canadian Copyright Act for full information on the extent of which they may post or upload third party content to SFU LIVE.