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As Canada's most community-engaged research university, SFU is committed to fostering a unique interplay between learning, discovery and community outreach.

Rising from that vision, the President's Faculty Lecture Series is a public program aimed at showcasing outstanding SFU faculty and their research, and strengthening relationships between the university and the many communities we serve.

Free and open to all, the annual series kicks off in late September. Join us at one of our community venues for a stimulating hour of "big ideas" in a range of fields and disciplines. And don't be afraid to put your hand up--there'll be an opportunity to ask questions of the researchers at the end of each lecture!

Dr. Stephanie Simmons - The International Race for a Quantum Computer

Silicon transistors, the essential building block of most modern electronic devices, cannot shrink much further without being rendered inoperable b

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Dr. Majid Bahrami - Putting Waste-Heat to Work: The Future of Clean Technologies

The United Nations predicts the world’s population will surpass 10 billion by 2030.

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Dr. Kelley Lee - From AIDS to Zika: Institutional innovation and global health

Disease risks in our increasingly interconnected world make effective cooperation across borders more important than ever before. However, the glob

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Dr. Elicia Maine on Turning Invention into Innovation: Strategies for Scientist-Entrepreneurs

Turning Invention into Innovation: Strategies for Scientist-Entrepreneurs

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