SFU LIVE is owned and operated by Simon Fraser University (SFU). Authorized Users acting on behalf of SFU (including but not limited to Administrators and Moderators) will therefore retain the express authority and responsibility for the management, administration, and control of SFU LIVE.

SFU LIVE is premised upon a fair and engaging experience for all Users. Therefore, SFU LIVE Administrators or Moderators (acting on behalf of the SFU LIVE owner) may restrict User access (including temporary restriction and full disciplinary termination) as well as edit or remove content posted or uploaded to SFU LIVE in order to facilitate fair and safe usage of SFU LIVE for all Users, in accordance  within Community Etiquette. SFU LIVE Users will retain the right to dispute any removal or alteration of their content and posts by following the dispute claim instructions outlined herein.


SFU LIVE Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to remove content that is deemed to be in violation of Community Etiquette. Users seeking to dispute the removal of any content should refer to our Site Governance.


SFU LIVE Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to terminate at any time an account found to be in violation of Community Etiquette. Questions regarding decisions or disputes regarding account termination will be handled in accordance with our Site Governance.


Disputes over censoring of content or termination of accounts may occur from time to time. Therefore, it is necessary to have a system in place for Users to appeal these decisions. If an SFU LIVE User wishes to dispute the removal/editing of any content posted by that specific User, they may request to have the content reinstated by submitting a dispute claim to, using the requisite dispute claim format described below.  Claims may ONLY be considered if:

  • The claimant has reasonable grounds to believe that the disputed content was removed/edited in error,  and that the content is not in violation of Community Etiquette; and
  • The claimant follows the prescribed claim format for claim submission.

Once a claim has been submitted, a Moderator (other than the one who originally removed the content) will review the claim within a reasonable timeframe. Upon reviewing the claim, if the Moderator affirms the original decision to remove the content, then no further action will be taken.  However, if  the Moderator disagrees with the original decision to remove the content, the Moderator will forward the claim to an Administrator, who will make a final decision as to whether or not the content violates Community Etiquette. If the Administrator is satisfied that that content does not violate Community Etiquette, the claim will be upheld and the content reinstated.  The claimant will be informed of the final decision and the reasoning behind it, whether the claim is accepted or rejected.

Filing a Claim:

BEFORE making any dispute, please ensure that:

  • The disputed content belongs to the User account and the claimant that is submitting the claim; and
  • The claimant is utilizing the provided claim format when submitting a claim. Claimants who do not follow the claim format will not have their claim considered; and
  • The claim is made within a reasonable timeframe (no more than 30 days) from the date of the removal of the disputed content.

Claim Format (by Email):


SUBJECT: Dispute: removal of content entitled [TITLE]



DATE OF CONTENT REMOVAL (estimated): [mm/dd/yyyy]

TITLE (of Content):  [TITLE]

TYPE (of Content):  [TYPE]

Please state to the best of your ability the subject of the dispute in question. If the dispute involves the restriction or removal of content posted or uploaded to SFU LIVE, please provide clear reasons for why you believe that said content should be exempt from this restriction or removal.




PHONE:  [1-###-####]