About SFU Live


SFU LIVE Is a place for our communities to engage with one another for cooperative community impact. It is a web-platform designed to facilitate connection, collaboration, and partnership and to bring greater definition to people and their ideas, resources, projects, organizations, and community circles. It enables everyone in our community to create and/or participate in projects and partnerships for our greater community good.

SFU LIVE is transforming the way we engage our communities online. As an academic social network with robust functionality for SFU’s people, its departments, faculties, community partners, and for local, national and international corporate citizens who desire to make a positive difference in their communities.


SFU LIVE is an online Social & Academic network to engage and support partnerships, projects and initiatives for the purpose of making a positive difference in communities. It is a user-based, community-generated online system to actuate connection, communication, beneficial relationships and impact.


Consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities, SFU is an open and inclusive university that celebrates discovery, diversity and dialogue. SFU offers a broad array of undergraduate, graduate, professional and continuing studies programs to more than 30,000 students each year through programming at three British Columbia Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley

SFU campuses situated in Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey. More than 900 faculty and 4,000 staff are involved in research, learning, and student support. Together, Simon Fraser University’s people account for a stunning diversity of ideas and innovations and seek to enhance the well-being of current and future generations by engaging students, engaging research, and engaging communities.

How SFU Live Works & What You Can Do

Create a Profile

Add your profile details like your title, biography, picture, skills, location, etc. so others can find you.

Create a Profile Create a profile

Add an organization

Submit a business, government, department, non-profit, or academic/training insitution.

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Find a community event

Filter events by type, audience, location, date, price, etc. Register or add your own event.

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Share a community event

Are you hosting a workshop, special event, public lecture, course, networking event, etc? Add your event to the calendar

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Participate in a project or initiative

Follow projects or initiatives you are interested in. Share wisdom, stories, research, and ask questions. Work together with others to make a difference.

Projects Participate in a project or initiative

Publish your project or initiative

Have a project, program, or initiative you are currently working on? Publish your project for a chance to participate in community challenges and competition for awards and prizes.

Projects Publish your project or initiative

Search Opportunities & Accept a community challenge

Community organizations create challenges that help them fulfill a need. Browse these opportunities and look for topics that fit your interests and skills.

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Create a community challenge

Do you need help with something? Have a need? Create a challenge for the community. Set a deadline, incentive, and audience.

Challenges Create a community challenge

Find a collaborater

Find someone to work with you or your group on an idea or project. As for support and find your community.

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Find a Community Expert

Locate a content expert who can offer advice or support.

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Find an SFU Expert

Find a faculty member at SFU who has expertise in a certain topic or subject. These experts may be conducting research or are recognized media ambassadors.

Find an Expert Find an SFU Expert

Volunteer in the community

Obtain valuable learning and social experiences while volunteering online and face-to-face with community organizations.

Volunteer Volunteer in the community

Request volunteers

Have a project, event, program, or initiative that needs volunteers? Connect with us to make a request.

Volunteer Request volunteers

Submit a news item or publication

Do you have news, research, a report, or a case study you want to share with the community? Add your news feed or article.

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Need more ideas?

Contact us

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